Blasterjaxx x Maxximize Exclusive Water Tower Set
Blasterjaxx x Maxximize Exclusive Water Tower Set
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  • roakey182

    Listening this lad for the first time, loving it man takes me back to my clubbing days but with so much more going on with the sounds

  • Darren Cummings
    Darren Cummings

    Love it amazing

  • T Vlogs7650
    T Vlogs7650

    Superb as always lads 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿English soldiers assembled 🙌🏻🔥

  • K C
    K C

    The ID with Zafrir gives me Pirates Of The Caribbean vibes!!

  • Manuela Hernández
    Manuela Hernández

    Kshmr like Blasterjaxx coment

  • Sebastian Krawczyk
    Sebastian Krawczyk


  • Anna Koryťáková
    Anna Koryťáková

    ♥ ♥ ♥ 39:22🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thank you!!

  • Andreas Dm
    Andreas Dm

    the most underated djs in my opinion

  • Ben Dovah
    Ben Dovah


  • Dj Rub3n M
    Dj Rub3n M

    Beautiful 🎵🔥🔥


    you can say whatever you want blasterjaxx best dj in the world TOP TOP

  • Kasia B.
    Kasia B.

    Thom is very positivie person. Always smiling 😊😉 Blasterjaxx 🔥🎧

  • MPA

    this is the real music

  • Lando Games
    Lando Games

    Blasterjaxx this set is awesome!

  • Ozgun Official
    Ozgun Official

    What's wrong with the stereo image? Whole set sounds like haas effect.

  • DuoDeck

    🔥 Bigroom 🔥

  • juliana sie
    juliana sie


  • DJ IV
    DJ IV

    Bigroommmmmmm! 💥💥💥💥

  • Mario Gómez
    Mario Gómez

    I need this set on Spotify🔥

  • Yerin jibang
    Yerin jibang

    insane epic set!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nadeem G
    Nadeem G

    disgusting remix brother not what i use to like in spinnin

  • Rollerexperte

    In der schönsten Stadt der Welt Lüneburg

  • Dj Jodz
    Dj Jodz

    What a set!! AMAZING❤🔥🎶

  • Florian Königs
    Florian Königs


  • xAmaziN

    Hard rave is such a banger. Amazing one blasterjaxx 🔥

  • Andreas Dm
    Andreas Dm

    bro why u perform alone?


    the best dj in the big room ,I follow my favorite DJs from a long time ago and I want to see them again as their glory days return 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇲🇽

  • McCarter jake
    McCarter jake

    Legends just say north germany are still jumping...

  • Asim Rezan
    Asim Rezan

    Killed it 🔥🔥

  • prdp Music
    prdp Music

    🔥 full on fire

  • Simoun Cabanban
    Simoun Cabanban

    Can't wait on Cuebrick & Patrick Moreno's new Progressive 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lukasz Minge
    Lukasz Minge


  • Lukasz Minge
    Lukasz Minge


  • Josue Gabriel
    Josue Gabriel


  • jasim kk
    jasim kk

    36:50 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • VH Axel Ortiz
    VH Axel Ortiz

    BlasterGods! 🤑🔥

  • Jaro Sessions
    Jaro Sessions

    Quite a set :D Defo taking some inspiration from it :D

  • Nada Komelj
    Nada Komelj

    Perfect and excellent 👍👌👏❤️✌️

  • Wesley Moyo
    Wesley Moyo

    All the way from Africa South Africa - biggest fan

  • Maximilian Polk
    Maximilian Polk


  • Genís TGN
    Genís TGN

    48:31 🤘🥁

  • Roger Postma
    Roger Postma

    Je hoort gelijk dat het Blasterjaxx is! Doordrenkt met Blasterjaxx sound :-D


    Best part 12:14 - 15:25

  • Nia Cirocco
    Nia Cirocco

    The best, can’t wait to play tracks 🎵🔥

  • Max Z
    Max Z

    49:28 my reaction when Blasterjaxx uploads a new set 🔥🔥🔥

  • Fernando Lima Pereira
    Fernando Lima Pereira

    Muito Show, top demais, Blasterjaxx - Rulers Of The Night.😃

  • SE3K

    Nice Set Guys!

  • Paola Delgado
    Paola Delgado

    you are amazing!

  • EuroDave_Gaming

    these guys are magicians they never dissapoint nothing but bangers much love to Thom & Idir Blasterjaxxx 4Life

  • Sheso Madeline
    Sheso Madeline

    The best of the besssttttt!!!!! 💘

  • Riyadh NAU
    Riyadh NAU

    What city?

    • Dennis Tönnies
      Dennis Tönnies

      @Riyadh NAU This is Lüneburg near Hamburg

    • Riyadh NAU
      Riyadh NAU

      @Smart Auth whaaaat. How didn’t I know that!!! I visited Nuremberg in 2019

    • Smart Auth
      Smart Auth


  • Stanislas Votoi
    Stanislas Votoi

    yooooo!!! IDIR!!!! wassup dude

  • Sudarshan Sharma
    Sudarshan Sharma

    big fan of BJaxx

  • Akshat Srivastava
    Akshat Srivastava

    Was waiting for this❤️ Finally 🔥🔥, Blasterjaxx are the true masters of Bigroom. Can't wait to hear them live 🤩🤩

  • Stoney Santos
    Stoney Santos

    The best bigroom 💥👽

  • goldridder

    Man I hate it when that skrillex type sound comes in. Was enjoying it until that 😣

  • DeivTV

    idir please back behind deck!

  • DJ DARK loic
    DJ DARK loic

    Lourd le set 😍😍 et le cadre est magnifique

  • Elnur Nabivi
    Elnur Nabivi


  • DJ Petru
    DJ Petru


  • Eren Ahenki
    Eren Ahenki

    happy to see IDIR !!

  • Azamat Ergashev
    Azamat Ergashev

    So amazing set guys! True bigroom is exists! Remix of Beethoven🔥🔥🔥

  • Саня Кириленко
    Саня Кириленко

    Такой классный сет испортили хардстайлом, жаль

  • Sandronio 7
    Sandronio 7

    🤩😍🔥 OMG THE LAST 20 MINUTES 🤩😍🔥 Blasterjaxx pure Power!! 🎉

  • Jihyun Sim
    Jihyun Sim

    I love the intro

  • mad najem
    mad najem

    Intro pon koyak da.. Dasat lu blasterjaxx.. From brunei with love

  • Pablo Osorio
    Pablo Osorio

    Blasterjaxx eres el mejor,ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ

  • Sebastián Campos
    Sebastián Campos


  • Ivan Tetinec
    Ivan Tetinec


  • Nilton Coelho
    Nilton Coelho

    Hi friends. I think they connected the inverted audio cable Haha

    • Revox Gamer
      Revox Gamer

      Lmao Have you watched Blasterjaxx's Landscraftpark set? The audio quality was even worse. It’s not too bad here.

  • Andres felipe Paez saavedra
    Andres felipe Paez saavedra


  • WildVibesMusic

    Thank you Blasterjaxx for playing 2 WildVibes songs, really appreciate all the opportunities you gave me. Much Respect! :))

    • Lord StickMAn
      Lord StickMAn

      @LOPES YT Wild Ride- remix

    • LOPES YT
      LOPES YT

      Eternal and???

    • Revox Gamer
      Revox Gamer

      Release Eternal soon pls

  • M.A.C.C 4Ever
    M.A.C.C 4Ever

    I would like to live in Netherlands to meet this guys :(

  • Pflo84'

    Stunning 🙌🙌🙌🙌💥💥💥💥💥

  • music

    Oh emm gee! Bangin tunes! I've only just come across you guys. Will definitely be listening again. ✌

  • L S
    L S

    Why do they have this connection to germany? :)

  • ANGL

    31:08 “Fifteen” vibes 😍🔥

  • nabila rasera
    nabila rasera

    Magnifique ❤️👑

  • L-217

    La ultima canción casi me hace llorar :,) me acorde de mi ex

  • Maximilian Müll
    Maximilian Müll

    I am loving to see Idir beeing well. Maybe one day he'll feel like beeing again on Thoms side live on a festival❤️🔥. I hope I get the chance to see you this year live. All love from germany❤️

  • MÆRT


  • daniellamerrill


  • Pl Ni
    Pl Ni

    I need his jacket!!!! Anyone?

  • DJFlow66 EDM
    DJFlow66 EDM

    Traklist ?


    Bigroom never die with this guyss 😍💜

  • Nikola Prolić
    Nikola Prolić

    I love that you made an intro with Beethoven!

  • CYRIL B42
    CYRIL B42

    MAEVA CARTER aime sa ;p ❤❤❤

  • 1337Hoelli

    3:59 he is feeling it 😂

  • Brandondlg6

    You guys need to release that ‘midnight sonata’ remix PLEASEEE! It’s like mystica hype all over again haha❤️

  • Cristian Benyo
    Cristian Benyo

    I need all Blasterjaxx IDs,they are just at another level🔥🔥🔥🤙👌

  • 【F】Q u i n N
    【F】Q u i n N

    Cant wait , looking forward about Blasterjaxx - Moonlight sonata remix Blasterjaxx - Ruler Of The Night ( 10 Years) Blasterjaxx - Speaker Slayer 🔥.

  • svyaaat 777rus
    svyaaat 777rus


  • Alessandro Bettiga
    Alessandro Bettiga

    We love you and we love Big Room

  • HP B
    HP B

    what's wrong with the audio quality? sounds awful


    OMG 41:31 ✨🔥✨🔥👀 WHAT A TRACK !!!

  • ɐuuǝʆ • ʇɥɔǝuʞɹǝʇʇnℲ
    ɐuuǝʆ • ʇɥɔǝuʞɹǝʇʇnℲ

    16:45 me dder pas pk mais en zappant j'ai cru que c'était Tibo in shape qui s'était mis à la musique (il a déjà tenter je crois d'ailleurs.. Bref) C'est pas sensé être une insulte, mais je comprends si c'est pris comme tel.

  • Jan Svoboda
    Jan Svoboda

    Really bad sound quality, can you fix it please? I want enjoy this set.

  • Autofall regain
    Autofall regain

    Blasterjaxx really never disappoints. One of the legends))

  • han siong Wong
    han siong Wong

    18:00 Anyone know this song?

    • Diogo Lourenço
      Diogo Lourenço

      KEVU - Melody


    *TRACKLIST* {0:01} Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (Blasterjaxx Remix) {3:03} Danimal - Wolves [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {4:20} Justin Prime & Vito Mendez - Rebirth Of Sound [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {5:38} Darius & Finlay - Superbeast [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {9:15} Armin van Buuren & Blasterjaxx - Tarzan [ARMIND (ARMADA)] {10:30} Blasterjaxx ft. Amanda Collis - Rescue Me (Dash Berlin Remix) [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {12:13} Sghob & Wildvibes & WYKO - Eternal [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {13:25} Raven & Kreyn & Bouncemakers - Get Ready [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {14:25} Blasterjaxx & Sandro Silva - Bigroom Is Back [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {15:25} Blasterjaxx ft. Henao - Wild Ride (Wildvibes Remix) [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {16:43} Blasterjaxx - Children Of Today (Festival Mix) [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {17:57} KEVU - Melody [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {19:44} Renato S - Ragnarok [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {20:44} Blasterjaxx & Mariana Bo ft. Luisah - Dreams [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {23:26} Blasterjaxx ft. RIELL - Rulers Of The Night (10 Years) [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {27:11} Blasterjaxx - Give A Little Bit [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {28:54} Cuebrick & Patrick Moreno ft. Alessa - Till We Meet Again [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {30:38} Blasterjaxx - Speaker Slayer [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {31:51} ANG & Jaxx & Vega - Shark Attack [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {32:54} Hardwell & Blasterjaxx ft. Mitch Crown - Bigroom Never Dies [REVEALED] {33:55} Blasterjaxx & Jebroer - Symphony [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {36:36} Blasterjaxx & Zafrir - ID [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {39:08} Blasterjaxx - Hard Rave [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {41:31} Blasterjaxx - ID (Instrumental Mix) [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {43:14} Blasterjaxx & Dr Phunk - Here Without You [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {46:23} Blasterjaxx - Rise Up (Dr Phunk Remix) [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')] {49:39} D-Stroyer - Hero's Born [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')]

    • Revox Gamer
      Revox Gamer

      About Rescue Me Remix It won't be Dash Berlin anymore :(

    • Pjanoo

      Source: 1001tracklists

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